The plan of the goals of openMAINT

January 2015 - version 1.0

In conjunction with CMDBuild 2.3 release, we will release also openMaint 1.0.

This will include the following new features/improvements.

Asset movement workflow

A new workflow will be configured and made available designed for the asset movement.

This workflow will allow the whole life-cycle of an asset, with all its authorization steps and even through mobile devices.

The following operation will be set up and configured:

  • placement/posting with withdrawal from a warehouse or delivery from a supplier
  • moving assets already in use
  • assets withdrawal due to restoration or dismissal
  • dismissal and final scrapping

Enhancements in data model configuration

The new version will include some enhancements in data model configuration, thanks to the feedback we received from the first field uses of the openMAINT software.

Bug fixing

Bugs highlighted by users have been fixed.

You might also be interested in roadmap CMDBuild, the software from which derived openMAINT.