The openMAINT functional areas include: Configuration Management, Service Desk and ITIL processes, Asset Lifecycle, Service Management, Data Reconciliation, GIS and BIM support

Configuration Management

Inventory of computer ICs (configuration items) of client area, servers, networks and software applications, with reports and dependencies, document archive, reports and georeferences.

Service Desk and ITIL Process

Point of contact between users and IT Service Management. Incident management and user requests with simplified interface.

Asset Lifecycle

Management of the IT asset lifecycle. Order registration, goods acceptance and entry, assignment, transfer between users and between locations, scrapping.

Service Management

Catalog of services structured in multilevel categories. Management of standard and non-standard work orders. SLA and KPI. Controls and notifications

Data Reconciliation

Data synchronization with external systems, via connectors. Personnel data, computers and software, virtual servers, network infrastructures.

GIS & BIM support

Support for the logistic management of movable assets, of spare parts and building materials (stores).